Key Features & Benefits

Product Search Made Social

Imagine knowing what to buy, what to give, and what to avoid based on the real-life experience of people you know and trust! How cool is that?

Sharing Made Fun & Rewarding

Sharing your experience with products is as easy as clicking on a thumb; plus, the more you contribute to the sharing community, the more you’ll get!

24x7 Shopping Guidance

You’ll be able to tell at a glance whether and how much the product is┬áliked, wanted, or disliked┬áby the crowd (sun) or the experts (star).

CoolHotNot in a Nutshell

Our disruptive innovation is simple: individuals share their lists of products they:

  1. use and want to recommend to friends (Best List – Cool),
  2. want (Wish List – Hot), and
  3. tried but found disappointing (Worst List – Not)

Then, using our patent-pending method, we can combine individual lists for any number or group of people into ranked lists – e.g. search results or Top 10 Lists – and thus provide instant, 24×7, at-a-glance shopping guidance!

I believe that trusted curation is the future.

Mark Cuban, Shark Tank

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