Why CoolHotNot

Ever Face These Problems?

Knowing What to Buy Based on Unreliable Reviews

Ads, product information, and reviews are everywhere; product recommendations from friends are hard to find

Knowing What to Give Without Wrecking the Surprise

When it’s time to give a gift, it’s not always easy to surprise them without risking an unpleasant surprise.

Product Return Hassles

When you rely on unreliable advice and reviews from strangers, you suffer the disappointment, lost time, and hassle of returns.

CoolHotNot Solves Them All

Sharing product experience made fun and rewarding

Sharing Recommendations (Your "Best List")

Sharing your great experience with a product can be as easy as clicking on a Blue thumbs up to add it to your Best List. Then we can all see the cool product recommendations our friends are sharing.
Sharing your gift ideas through your wish list

Sharing Gift Ideas (Your "Wish List")

Sharing your gift ideas with family and friends can be as easy as clicking on a red thumbs up to add it to your Wish List. Then we can all see everything hot our friends would enjoy getting as a gift.
Sharing your product warnings through your worst list

Sharing Product Warnings (Your "Worst List")

Sharing your bad experience with a product can be as easy as clicking on a yellow thumbs down to add it to your Worst List. Then we can all see what our friends are recommending we NOT buy.

How It Works

CoolHotNot Means Sharing Real-life Experience With Products

Generate Ranked Lists Like Search Results By Combining Lists by Group


Click on Thumbs to Add Products to Your Lists

Sharing Real-life Product Experience Made Fun & Rewarding

Patent-pending list curation & ranked list generation

Featured Product Giveaways


Product Search Engine by Category & Keyword


Experiential Rewards

Find the Perfect Gift on Their Wish List

Benefits You’ll Enjoy

Higher Quality of Life

Always knowing what to buy based on the easy-to-get and reliable recommendations of friends and experts who have enjoyed a product means that you’ll totally increase the quality of your life - fewer returns, less time spent pouring over suspect reviews, and higher quality purchases.

More Love in Your Life

When you can choose a gift from someone’s Wish List, imagine how much more you (and they) will enjoy the giving experience! Better gifts & better shopping mean more love in your life!

More Fun; Less Stress

Community Members will enjoy Freebies, Discounts, Giveaways, Contests, and Fun!

Companies are eager to give us Cool and Hot stuff  to give away in exchange for exposure. You have a chance to win cool stuff and learn about hot stuff, and the companies get to promote their products. Add in the freebies and discounts, and you’ll find membership in our sharing community to be fun and rewarding!

Belonging to a Community

When you belong to a community that shares real-life product experience, you’ll enjoy both giving and getting highly valuable information - imagine a search engine that let’s you quickly discover what’s best, most wanted, and worst by category or keyword for any group of people you choose!
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