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Easily Share Your Experience With Things

Share those products you

  • Recommend
  • Want
  • Dislike

Recommendations From Friends or Xperts

Discover what’s recommended by people you trust

Reliable Recommendations

We combine recommendations into ranked lists of product most recommended by:

  • Your Friends
  • The Crowd
  • Your Xperts
  • Top Xperts

Always Give Great Gifts

Just check out the Wish List of a friend or family member

What's New & Most Wanted

We combine Wish Lists into ranked lists of what’s Most Wanted, i.e. new & exciting, according to:

  • Your Friends
  • The Crowd
  • Your Xperts
  • Top Xperts

What's Worst

We combine Worst Lists into ranked lists of What’s Most Disliked according to:

  • Your Friends
  • The Crowd
  • Your Xperts
  • Top Xperts

Social Product Search

Search any list of any friend or group by keyword, category, or where to buy

Featured Product Giveaways

Sharing gets you Ticket Points to win cool giveaways

The Early Buzz…

Enthused about Dave’s approach…

John C. Dvorak

Leading Industry Analyst, Columnist, Podcaster, No Agenda

What a cool idea! When I want to buy something, I don’t want to know what the manufacturer wants me to believe, or what some pedantic reviewer is harping on, or what some money-making “review” site is recommending. I want to know what my friends and experts have found is the best.

Alex Eckelberry

CEO, Technology Growth Engineering

CoolHotNot makes it fast and easy to understand what tech products make sense for me, since my friends and experts have already done the research for me.

Brandon Rowberry

CEO, Maverick Partners

I hope CoolHotNot takes off for two reasons:

  1. because I’d love to have buying recommendations from people I know, and
  2. because I’m Dave’s Mom.
Arlene Bascom

Author, Editor, Homemaker, Mother of 7

What We Offer

Sharing made fun & rewarding
Adding products to your lists is as easy as clicking on a thumb
Cred levels make recommendations more reliable
Earn ticket points for experiential rewards & giveaways
Product recommendations from any group of friends or experts you choose
Find the perfect gift on the Wish Lists of friends or family
Share the bad experiences with stuff to help your friends avoid the junk
Crowd-sourced ranked lists of what’s best, wanted, & worst

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