CoolHotNot Means Sharing What’s Best, Most Wanted, & Worst

CoolHotNot Means Best, Wanted, & Worst

CoolHotNot Means Sharing What’s Best, Most Wanted, & Worst

CoolHotNot - Cool Means Best
CoolHotNot - Hot Means New & Wanted
CoolHotNot - Not Means Worst
CoolHotNot Means Sharing

Why CoolHotNot

Product Search Made Social

Imagine knowing what to buy, what to give, and what to avoid based on the real-life experience of people you know and trust! How cool is that?

Sharing Made Fun & Rewarding

Sharing your experience with products is as easy as clicking on a thumb; plus, the more you contribute to the sharing community, the more you’ll get!

24x7 Shopping Guidance

You’ll be able to tell at a glance whether and how much the product is┬áliked, wanted, or disliked┬áby the crowd (sun) or the experts (star).

We're Serious About Your Enjoyment

The way we make it enjoyable to share product experience with one another in the CoolHotNot Community is by gamifying the sharing. As you create your lists, maintain your lists, invite your friends, gain a following, and otherwise help others, we reward you with Ticket Points. As if they were carnival tickets, you can trade them for Experiential Rewards or chances to win cool stuff. We’re serious about fun.

Featured Product Giveaways

If you think it can’t get any better, think again. One measure of the clout of the CoolHotNot Community is how eager companies have been to give us stuff you and our Tech Xperts say is cool to feature on our site and then giveaway. All you’ll need to do to enter our regular giveaways is make sure the giveaway is on your Wish List. If you don’t want it, we’re not going to give it to you - but if you do, you have a chance to win it without lifting a finger.

Experiential Rewards

You’re gonna jump for joy over what you can do with your Ticket Points. Besides boosting your chances to win cool and hot stuff, you’ll be able to trade them for Experiential Rewards of all kinds - including off-site benefits - such as first looks at hot products, being featured on our web site, membership extensions, exclusive admission to the parties we’ll be throwing nationwide, free memberships you can gift to friends, and so on.

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