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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead


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“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called.” - Buckminster Fuller

I Want Product Recommendations From Friends

I’m tired of tedious research, phony reviews, & product returns.

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The CoolHotNot Community Manifesto

There is a force gathering power among us – a force that speaks with the power of authentic human experience. The momentum will disrupt the status quo in how we gather information of value about what to buy and what to give.


We are compelled to ask – in the age of the wonders of the Web – Why are we yet unable to enjoy a reliable search engine based on our trusted individual and collective consumer experience? Why do we not more often share valuable information with one another such as which things we use and want to recommend?  Or those things we want and would like as gifts? Or those products that let us down to warn our friends to shun?

The advent of the Web brought us hope in the promise of a multitude of new ways of sharing, new ways of learning, and new ways of experiencing life and its many possibilities. Yet this revolution has not yet affected too many common decisions – including the questions of what to buy and what to give.

We are all consumers and suppliers. What is the economy if not the sum of our choices of what to provide, what to buy, what to trade, and what to leave alone? We are lifted by correct choices and burdened by the junk of our shopping mistakes. Our choices bring us either leveraged power or compounded weakness.


And, while the Web may have brought us lower prices and more buying choices, it has also brought us the curse of ever more:

  • Intrusive forms of advertising
  • Hucksterism
  • Lengthy and often irrelevant reviews from strangers
  • Hype
  • Exaggerated feature lists
  • Biased comparisons
  • Noise in the marketplace
  • Scams and even more for every buyer and seller to beware of.

We have tolerated the endless bombardment of advertisers only because our tolerance has afforded us free information and entertainment.

We have learned to endure “the smokescreen of hucksterism” because the authentic voices of real-life experience with products are muted and drowned out by phony reviews and hype.

We have seen the veiled disappointment in loved ones’ eyes when our gifts fall short, as they sometimes do, because our desire to surprise them as well as to please them leaves us guessing.

We have suffered the incessant loss of time and money arising from misguided purchases.


We will no longer tolerate our heretofore inferior status in the exchange of information about products and experience about products.

We will find and deploy fun and rewarding ways to share information about our personal real-life experience with products so that we can be empowered by product recommendations from friends and experts.

We will base our purchasing decisions on high-trust forms of product information.

We will reduce the incentive for vendors to provide us with low-trust advertising and other manipulative forms of marketing.

We will transform the nature of economic exchange so that neither informed buyer nor trustworthy seller need beware.

We will avail ourselves of more trusted and valuable sources of consumer information than have ever been available before so we can see through the smokescreen of hucksterism, of language that rings false.”


We share a vision of a world where:

  • Search engines yield product recommendations from our friends and trusted experts
  • Advertising is obsolete and replaced by the sponsored endorsements of people we trust
  • Gift ideas are based on what our loved ones have shared as being truly wanted
  • Product returns are minimized
  • Creators and quality innovators are quickly encouraged or corrected by the shared crowd-sourced experience with the innovations they’ve shared.

Our bold intention is to create a community for the purpose of sharing information about products. We will share our list of products that:

  • We personally use and like – to serve as recommendations for others in the community
  • We want but don’t yet have – to serve as gift ideas and enable the exploration of things that are seen as new and exciting
  • We tried but found disappointing – to serve as worst-ever alerts and to fully inform the recommendations shared by others.

Thus will we empower the producers of quality ideas, goods, and services.

Thus will we discover what’s best through our shared experience, thus eluding the purveyors of hype.

Thus will we forge productive partnerships with those who produce and provide us with quality.

Thus will we seize our economic destiny.

We call ourselves the The CoolHotNot Community.

May we add your name?

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Dave Whittle
Theo Mandel, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Kahn
Leigh Anne Varney
Steve Bass
Bob Angell
Ricardo Guerrero
Jason Fleming
Paul Baltes

I want Product Recommendations from Friends

I’m tired of tedious research, phony reviews, & product returns.

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Why Join the CoolHotNot Community?


The Problem:Product search is too hard!

  1. It’s hard to know if a product you’re interested in is really excellent or not, so it takes a lot of time and effort to research purchases.
  2. Online reviews can be filtered by manufacturers or spammed (unduly influenced Fake reviews make product search harder!negatively by competitors or positively by paid reviewers), so they may or may not be trusted.
  3. If you’re looking for a gift, how do you find something they really want and will be excited to receive?
  4. When you do look for reviews, you’re likely to be bothered by advertisements and sales pitches that can be confusing and distract you from finding the top product!


Our Solution:CoolHotNot - Recommended means Cool

  1. Product recommendations are best when they come from your friends or experts, those you already trust most to give you unbiased advice, or from others like you.
  2. By joining together, we can provide each other trusted info about the products we’ve CoolHotNot - Hot means I want itfound are great (Cool), products we want (Hot), and products that didn’t live up to our expectations (Not).
  3. And, if you need to buy a gift for someone, you can see what others in the community similar to them say they want (aggregated Hot lists by category).CoolHotNot - Hot means I want it
  4. Advertising is obsolete and replaced by endorsements from people you trust!


Benefits of Joining Now:

  • For a limited time, joining the CoolHotNot Community will make you a “Founding Member” when you also invite at least 2 friends who also join the community. You’ll be able to proudly display a Founding Member badge on your profile to show everyone you’re an early adopter.
  • As a Founding Member, you’ll also be eligible to receive special discounts and exclusive benefits once we launch our full website and mobile app.
  • Additionally, the more value you provide by participating in the CoolHotNot Community Forum, the more authority you’ll receive. Higher authority will unlock other benefits, such as more entries in potential product give-aways, being included in product beta testing directly with brands, and more.
  • Once you register, you’ll receive your personalized referral link in a format such as http://coolhotnot.com/username.htm - to invite others to join us. We’ll use these referral links to identify “Top Referrer” members who can unlock even more benefits!


So, what are you waiting for? Joining takes just 30 seconds! Then invite a couple of friends and start talking with other members in our Forum, so you can get even more benefits as a Founding Member. It’s easy, and you’ll be glad you did.


Anyway, what have you got to lose? (Don’t worry, we take your privacy VERY SERIOUSLY and won’t share your info with anyone else without your express permission!)

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Enthused about Dave’s approach… John C. Dvorak

Leading Industry Analyst, Columnist, Podcaster, No Agenda

What a cool idea! When I want to buy something, I don’t want to know what the manufacturer wants me to believe, or what some pedantic reviewer is harping on, or what some money-making “review” site is recommending. I want to know what my friends and experts have found is the best.

Alex Eckelberry

CEO, Technology Growth Engineering

CoolHotNot makes it fast and easy to understand what tech products make sense for me, since my friends and experts have already done the research for me.

Brandon Rowberry

CEO, Maverick Partners

I hope Dave’s community takes off for two reasons:

  1. because I’d love to have buying recommendations from people I know, and
  2. because I’m Dave’s Mom.
Arlene Bascom

Author, Editor, Homemaker, Mother of 7

Just the Facts

We are building a sharing community.

Our cause is to make product search and discovery social.

Our goal is to create platform, web site, and mobile app that bring transformative change to the means of buyer influence.

We have been building momentum to this end for years.

The stars are now aligned.


Our Big Idea

It All starts with Sharing Real-life Experience with Products

What You Can Help Us Make Happen

Sharing Real-life Product Experience Made Fun & Rewarding

Click on Thumbs to Add Products to Your Lists

Generation of Ranked Lists (Search Results / Top 10 lists)

Featured Product Giveaways


Product Search Engine by Category & Keyword


Experiential Rewards

Find the Perfect Gift on Their Wish List

What We’ll Enjoy Together

Higher Quality of Life

Always knowing what to buy based on the easy-to-get and reliable recommendations of friends and experts who have enjoyed a product means that you’ll totally increase the quality of your life - fewer returns, less time spent pouring over suspect reviews, and higher quality purchases.

More Love in Your Life

When you can choose a gift from someone’s Wish List, imagine how much more you (and they) will enjoy the giving experience! Better gifts & better shopping mean more love in your life!

More Fun; Less Stress

Community Members will enjoy Freebies, Discounts, Giveaways, Contests, and Fun!

Companies are eager to give us Cool and Hot stuff to give away in exchange for exposure. You have a chance to win cool stuff and learn about hot stuff, and the companies get to promote their products. Add in the freebies and discounts, and you’ll find membership in our sharing community to be fun and rewarding!

Belonging to a Community

When you belong to a community that shares real-life product experience, you’ll enjoy both giving and getting highly valuable information - imagine a search engine that let’s you quickly discover what’s best, most wanted, and worst by category or keyword for any group of people you choose!

How You Can Help

The most important thing you can do is become a member of The CoolHotNot Community. Every new member gives us the momentum and traction we need to get more momentum and traction towards making our shared vision a reality.
The foundation of the community for now will be shared discussions - leading to wherever we take each other. When good things happen, sooner or later, we’ll be able to share lists and enjoy all of the many benefits we anticipate.
Together, we’ll solve some of the problems we’ve faced - including various chicken-and-egg challenges, such as development, critical mass and funding.

Become a Member of the Community

Every member matters!


Why CoolHotNot

Ever Face These Problems?

Knowing What to Buy Based on Unreliable Reviews

Ads, product information, and reviews are everywhere; product recommendations from friends are hard to find

Knowing What to Give Without Wrecking the Surprise

When it’s time to give a gift, it’s not always easy to surprise them without risking an unpleasant surprise.

Product Return Hassles

When you rely on unreliable advice and reviews from strangers, you suffer the disappointment, lost time, and hassle of returns.

CoolHotNot Solves Them All

Sharing product experience made fun and rewarding
Sharing your great experience with a product can be as easy as clicking on a Blue thumbs up to add it to your Best List. Then we can all see the cool product recommendations our friends are sharing.
Sharing your gift ideas through your wish list
Sharing your gift ideas with family and friends can be as easy as clicking on a red thumbs up to add it to your Wish List. Then we can all see everything hot our friends would enjoy getting as a gift.
Sharing your product warnings through your worst list
Sharing your bad experience with a product can be as easy as clicking on a yellow thumbs down to add it to your Worst List. Then we can all see what our friends are recommending we NOT buy.

Generate Ranked Lists Like Search Results By Combining Lists by Group

Our Trusted Curation Platform & Web Site Designs

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